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The Vincit Group is a network of nine companies unlike any other in the world. Together, we make up a community centered on holistic food sanitation solutions. Our mission? Renewal. In every industry we touch. In every relationship we forge.

This page exists so that you can hear our story and feel what makes us different: our people, and our purpose.

If it inspires you, join us. We are always ready to write a new chapter.

In 1968, something new began…

A small company with three employees and seven products started selling a product known as Hog Scald.

They called themselves Zee Company, and while they didn’t know it at the time, their business was the key to an age of renewal in an industry as old as the earth.

Nearly half a century later, Zee Company offers


and is one of nine companies in The Vincit Group.

Hog Scald revolutionized product quality in the pork industry, but Zee Company didn’t stop there.

They expanded their product line. They broadened their services. They refocused the eye of the food sanitation industry on an idea: Renewal.

Soon, they found that the most powerful thing Zee Company sold wasn’t chemicals.

It wasn’t their tailored treatment programs or their ability to anticipate and assess client needs.

It was the fact that through their services, they brought fresh life to their customers’ businesses, futures, and lives.


For 21 years, Zee Company brought renewal to its customers.

Then, in 1989, they decided it was time to stop outsourcing production of their solutions. They needed their own outfit, a new band of geniuses devoted to turning great ideas into useable products.

Enter Zeco.

ZECO was created to bridge the gap between soul and science–they take the raw ideas and visions of Zee Company’s clients and make them reality.

Today, a complete research and development team works to recreate the industry at every turn.

Quality, service and integrity

With Zee Company providing custom sanitation plans and ZECO manufacturing the highest quality chemicals, it was only a matter of time before the little alliance decided to shoulder the responsibility of actually putting the products to use.

Quality, service and integrity weren’t just a promise with the new venture—they became the name of the company.

QSI now partners with America’s most recognized consumer brands to ensure both product safety and quality.

Carrying renewal to its most literal expression, QSI delivers consistent cleaning to its clients’ facilities and gives them the peace of mind to face every day refreshed.


At the time of Numark’s birth, a simple assessment of the market proved that no one was innovating in the realm of facility supplies, sanitation equipment, or personal protective equipment.

Numark joined the Vincit Group in 1999, and started shaking things up.

Instead of simply sourcing the needed equipment, they began designing new equipment to combat specific discomforts, renewing the entire industry in the process.

Now, back to Zee Company.

The outfit at the heart of it all couldn’t stop seeking new horizons. Their next move? Renewing the environment.

In 2006, Zee Company applied their years of experience to the realm of water and energy management, providing customized solutions for boiler, cooling, process water and wastewater systems.

The result was a new branch of the company that understands that protecting nature doesn’t mean sacrificing power.

The Vincit Group was now four companies strong, but things were just getting started.

Despite all the renewal the group was doing, there were still some places that were literally left in the dark.

TCS (Technical Cleaning Services) was created in 2007 to assist clients with specialized cleaning needs. A high-tech approach that includes metal passivation and sustainable, eco-friendly surface blasting sets them apart from the competition.

But their true power? Being able to see what most of us overlook.

The Vincit Group was now so familiar with the chemical and cleaning business that they couldn’t help but notice other areas of the industry that needed renewal.

Enter ITG. When ITG joined the VINCIT Group in 2009, it brought with it years of process automation experience, state-of-the-art chemical blending, delivery system engineering and manufacturing and more.

Since it’s entry into the group, ITG has been reinventing every area of food sanitation process and procedure. They are literally ushering our industry into the future.

A year after ITG joined the crew, the Vincit Group collided with a millwright and rigging company in Rainsville, Alabama that was ready for renewal.

With the Vincit Group at its back, the company grew into a full-throttle power house. EIS is now designing new machinery and reawakening the old spirit of the American millwright as they push the limits of yet another industry.

In 2002, the Vincit Group made another bold move—they entered the realm of shipping and logistics.

With Pro Logistics, time isn’t the only commodity. Character is just as important. Pro’s drivers aren’t just drivers. They’re experts on everything the Vincit Group does and stands for.

When a client needs to refuel their approach to shipping, Pro Logistics is the perfect partner behind the wheel.

It’s been a long road.

The Vincit Group is now a machine of nine companies. Together, yet separate, we move forward, breathing new life into every relationship we have the privilege to shape.

Since 1968, we’ve witnessed one truth, time and again: fulfillment is found in raising the bar. It’s found in new horizons. It’s found in reaching. We know, because it’s what we do.

Join Us.Be Renewed.