Noun: A group of vertically integrated industrial companies built to help your business reach its full potential.

Verb: Latin, “To Conquer.”

Start Conquering

As a network of 8 vertically integrated industrial companies, we create an exchange of ideas and services geared toward raising the bar and changing for the better the ways we make what we make.

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The benefit Belongs all to  our Clients.

Do you want to be more efficient?
Do you want to be more sustainable?
Do you want to be more profitable?

Our 8 member companies function in tandem to make all those things possible for you—at the same time.

Sustainability is just a word.

What matters are the things we sustain—

Business. Family. Community. Nature.

We believe that when we start thinking this way, when we truly begin to value our planet and the people in it, prosperity will flow.

Check out our values page to learn more about what drives us.

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Speaking of people, we’re proud of ours.

Vincit associates aren’t hired, they’re chosen. It goes beyond resumes, degrees, and checked boxes. We look for people with the specific energy, drive, and professionalism that define our kind of service.

We call it the V-Factor.

Our people are everything to us, because if we didn’t have special people, we could never claim to offer you anything special.

And we are definitely offering you something special.

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So that’s our story. If you’re interested in a bold and fresh future for your company, then it’s time you gave us a call:

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If you’re close by, come pay us a visit at our corporate headquarters in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. We’ll look forward to it.