Contract Sanitation

Protecting Your Brand

Your name is the most valuable asset you have. Protecting it takes true excellence.

One significant misstep in your sanitation efforts can undo years of successful brand development. Trust builds hard, and disappears easily.

QSI exists to prevent that misstep from ever occurring.

Performance is Predictable

A solid sanitation program isn’t built on how many hoses you have or how much soap you’re throwing.

It is built on consistency.

Only by developing a predictable, measurable, repeatable process can you ensure that the job is being done the right way—every shift. Developing that process is where the real work lies. Retaining expertise and encouraging a culture that will drive success into your sanitation program is your largest challenge.

Through years of frontline experience, listening to our clients and working with local managers, QSI has developed the training methods, the knowledgeable staff, and the measurement tools to deliver a repeatable process.

Our proven methods provide the highest level of brand protection available.

Understanding and Responding: The QSI Difference

The power of QSI flows from a single, simple understanding—

The success of a sanitation program comes down to managing a process.

This is the truth: 90% of the daily success in a sanitation program rests on the shoulders of local management. But 90% isn’t good enough. The big question remains: how do we make up the remaining 10% to provide for truly safe sanitation?

It comes down to people. Not just how many you have, but who you have and, most importantly, how you support them.

To fully realize success at the local level, people need support. They need structure. That’s where the QSI Management and Support Teams come in. We help deliver the remaining 10% through our support systems, which allows our local management to do what they do best—manage the process.

Our unique support system includes the following: 

Human Resources

Human Safety

Food Safety

Human Resources

Live Awesome

It’s the Vincit way—We stand up for our people 24/7 through our superior Human Resources department.

By sensing and responding to the needs of individuals within our organization, we foster a vibrant community.

We understand that if we’re not taking care of our people, our people won’t be able to take care of you. The QSI Human Resources department is a team of dedicated professionals that offer constant support to the local operations.

At QSI, we don’t offer jobs. We offer people a chance to begin a career, join a family, and build a life. Opportunity and growth define our workforce mentality, and we invite everyone who joins us to “Live Awesome.”

Building the Team

We specialize in working with the local team to hire, train, and educate the right talent. It is imperative to success that we provide team members with the tools to be successful—their growth is a valuable investment in your future and ours.

We look for core character and problem-solving skills in every person we bring aboard, and then cultivate them, by investing in:

-Talent mapping and succession planning

-Frontline supervision training

-Management trainee program

-Leadership investment program

The result is a community of driven individuals who carry the QSI spirit everywhere they go.

Laying Down Roots

The health of your company depends on the health of your community. QSI is dedicated to enriching the culture that surrounds your facility, actively participating in local events and laying down roots in the surrounding area by sponsoring events such as food drives, soup kitchens, and other charity programs.



Meet our people.

It all comes down to people— Who you hire, how you educate them, and how you train them.

Key skills we look for:

  • Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Respect for Others
  • Accountability
  • Honesty and Integrity

Meet James Howard

Once we find someone with the natural character and capability that defines QSI, we educate them through our specialized training program—

  • Steps to Sanitary Restoration
  • GMPs
  • Vincit Institute
  • OSHA 10-hour/30-hour certification
  • Cross-training throughout facilities: ‘learn more earn more’
  • Food Safety Workshops
  • Sustainability Training
  • Chemical Handling

Meet Vicente Sierra

Meet Brittney Johnson

The result of our specialized training is a community of driven individuals who carry the Vincit spirit everywhere they go—and that means great things for our clients.

Human Safety


Safety = Success

Only in a company that truly values people can safety become a priority.

A solid foundation can be built on “traditional” safety practices, but they are only the first step in creating a safety culture.

We created an atmosphere of openness and invited our associates to participate with us in the development of our safety programs.

The combined result of our work in safety has become our ALLSAFE program, a combination of standardized practices that are driving remarkable improvements.

QSI maintains DART rates and injury frequency rates well below average industry numbers.

Food Safety

Don’t play with your food.

The purpose of the QSI Food Safety division is clear—to protect your brand and keep your facility audit-ready at all times.

We can tailor a program for you, or enhance an already strong food safety program by partnering with your FSQA staff and management team.

Our method is simple and effective. It includes three focus areas.

1. Training—A comprehensive education strategy for employees AND customers creates a double-net of food safety understanding among your people and ours. Curriculum includes chemical titration, root cause analysis, GMP and SSOP training, BRC and SQF certification training, and much more.

2. Auditing—A rigorous audit effort monitors results across the board, providing internal assessments of sanitation-related documentation and scored audits of GMP’s, Best Practices, chemical usage, and the sanitation process.

We also offer further auditing services, including facility/sanitary design of equipment and niches/harborage areas—these may include observations of all shifts (sanitation and operations).

3. Resolve— Regular plant visits and audits are designed to identify areas of opportunity on a regular basis in order to provide SOLUTIONS—suggestions, targets, goals and being a part of those solutions.

To drive improvement, we schedule regular sanitation meetings and routine business reviews, all the while utilizing our online tracking and communication portal.

Again, it’s consistency that leads to excellence and improvement in food safety just as much as sanitation.

Case Study

A client gave QSI a challenge: reduce sanitation time by 2 hours per cycle, eliminating constant 6- and 7-day production runs in order to preserve their physical assets and human capital (their turnover rates were sky high due to excessive labor hours).

We put the power of vertical integration to the test, reaching out first to TCS. Together, we were able to devise new ways to clean their equipment faster and with less water than ever and create new tools for more efficient dry pickup.

Then we reached out to ITG, our engineering partners. With their help, we redesigned some of the underlying infrastructure and automated some cleaning processes, boosting efficiency and reducing the amount of time reserved to perform our services.

Finally, we worked with Zee Company to put together the perfect chemistries package to make all our commitments possible.

The client had been told countless times that their goals were impossible to reach. That was before they met The Vincit Group. We used our unique model to deliver the results they needed.

When someone tells you something is impossible, call us.