Process Improvement

Process Made Perfect

Your process is what sets you apart—

It all comes down to how you make what you make.

The better the process, the better the product.

Our process investment center is EIS, the member of the Vincit Group that combines raw American millwright skills with a unique knack for spotting opportunities in your process, allowing you to invest small and gain big.

Many of QSI and Zee Company’s clients look to EIS for special insight and ask the question:

“What can we do today to improve our process?”

The answers are sometimes surprisingly simple and profitable.


  • Design Build & Engineering
  • Process Automation
  • Fabrication
  • Millwright
  • Equipment Installation
  • Heavy Equipment Rigging
  • Demolition
  • Custom-Built Parts
  • Contract & Preventative Maintenance
  • Precision Laser-Cut Services
  • AutoCAD and SolidWorks




We engineer and fabricate fully integrated systems to improve factory costs and product flow. We specialize in automated systems with all the ancillary items needed to deliver product throughout production facilities. Our industry expertise includes protein processing, automotive, pharmaceutical, paper mills, feed mills, and many more.


Our 35,000 square foot facility offers manufacturing advantages, too—complete with a stainless steel shop, carbon steel shop, glass bead shop and large storage areas for whatever your needs may be.

Equipment Systems and Replacement Parts

  • Conveyance systems
  • Chain maintenance systems
  • Combo dumpers
  • Tote dumpers
  • Rinse cabinets
  • Poultry paw systems
  • Platforms & mezzanines
  • Box delivery conveyors & systems
  • Hand wash stations & personnel stands
  • Overhead support systems
  • Structural steel stairs, handrails & catwalks
  • Stainless steel trench & slot drains
  • Ducting systems (all types)
  • Lighted trim tables
  • U.S.D.A. inspection stations
  • Smock racks
  • Maintenance work tables
  • Stainless steel bathroom stalls
  • Stainless bulk hand soap dispensers
  • Shackle brushes & wash systems
  • O.L.R. cabinets
  • Stainless steel blood troughs & drip pans
  • Tote washers
  • Pallet washers