CONGO and TARGO Products

With the demand for new infrastructure increasing like never before, you need the ability to keep running at peak performance.

Zee Company is paving the way for concrete and asphalt removers by offering two custom products lines to provide the best solution for your needs.

Our CONGO and TARGO products have been specially formulated to breakdown the toughest compounds and meet your needs—What more could you ask for?


Strong. Adaptive. Unstoppable.

Break concrete’s back with our CONGO product line.

Concrete Removers

Zee Company CONGO products use environmentally safe formulations designed to remove cement on delivery truck bodies, mixing drums, hoppers, and discharge chutes. Our vast product line includes various concentrations of hydrochloride base, organic, and multi-chemical combinations for excellent removal of concrete.  All of our products will help protect your company’s capital equipment against rust, road film, acid corrosion and oxidizing deposits.  For application, we can also provide Pre-Soak and Pressure Wash Systems.

Spray them undiluted on exteriors and other locations where concrete has formed. After application, thoroughly rinse all treated surfaces to help prevent flash rusting of metal.


CONGO HA – Urea hydrochloride base for rapid concrete removal. Rust inhibitors help prevent metal damage.

CONGO HA 2X – Concentrated version of CONGO HA for quicker removal of accretions. Inhibited to hielp prevent metal damage.

CONGO GA – Organic dissolving agent. Helps prevent attack of metal. Inhibited to prevent flash rusting of ferrous metal.

CONGO HPF – Powerful multi-chemical combo. Less corrosive to metal than single-chemical products. Safer to handle.

Our CONGO product line is tailored for you with options that are safe on glass, aluminum, chrome steel, and painted surfaces. CONGO products are available in bulk, totes, and drums.

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Rapid. Powerful. Versatile.

Stubborn asphalt build-up can’t challenge TARGO products.

Asphalt Release Agents

Zee Company TARGO products use non-petroleum formulations to provide rapid release or removal of hot asphalt mixes or stubborn build-up on delivery trucks and tools.  Our vast product line includes solvents and solvent-soybean oil blends in various concentrations enabling application with and without nearby water source.  Application flexibility includes daily or end-of-year use with activation timer, run-time timer, or delay timer control.

For your convenience, they are available in both concentrated and RTU forms. TARGO products work in Automatic Release Systems and low-pressure sprayers.


TARGO 1 – RTU version for use when water access is limited. Manual application or Auto Release application.

TARGO 2X – Economic concentrate. Dilution varies. Manual application or Auto Release application.

TARGO LX – Super strength. High concentrate for heavy soils and periodic or end-of-year clean jobs. Use undiluted for full power. Dilute for lighter soils.

TARGO SBL – Solvent and soybean oil blend. Replaces hazardous diesel fuels. Kills heavy soil. Dilute to fit your need.

Own the clock—whether you want to use an activation time, run-time timer, or delay timer, with TARGO the choice is yours. TARGO products are available in bulk, totes, and drums.

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