Zee Company Expands Brewing Commitment With Loeffler Chemical Corporation Merger

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Zee Company, a member of the Vincit Group, is pleased to announce the merger of the Zee Company brewery services business segment with Loeffler Chemical Corporation today. For more than 70 years, Loeffler, a family-owned chemical company has served the sanitation and chemical needs of America’s brewing industry. Likewise, family-owned Zee Company has serviced America’s food processing industry with innovative chemical solutions and food safety for more than 50 years.

Zee Company, a long-known pioneer in the animal proteins arena, expanded its reach into the dairy and beverage industries in 2006. The new merger will solidify the Zee Company commitment to the American brewing industry.

Zee Company brewery operations will be merged with Loeffler operations under the branded divisional name of Zee Loeffler. Dirk Loeffler will lead the new division as the vice president of brewery operations.

The Zee Loeffler division of Zee Company will continue to support brewery clients from coast to coast with the technical expertise, customer support, flexibility and the quality chemical sanitation products they depend on daily.

“We are extremely proud for Loeffler Chemical Corporation to become a part of the Zee Company family. This merger brings together two of the largest brewery sanitation companies in North America. We are pleased to team up with Dirk Loeffler and his group of professionals as we continue to forge a history of excellent service for the brewing industry.” (Jonathon Bullard – President – Zee Company, Zeco, and EIS)

“We are excited to add the additional resources and capabilities of Zee Company to the Loeffler brand and continue to provide the highest quality products combined with the highest level of technical support and customer service to our customers. We look forward to this strategic and mutually beneficial partnership which will greatly enhance our capabilities and further increase the level of service we can provide to our customers.” (Dirk Loeffler – President / CEO – Loeffler Chemical Corporation)

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